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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a gunman opened fire in san francisco's jewelry mart. hear what it was like inside from someone who was there. the father of a missing oakland toddler walks out of jail just over an hour ago. what we're learning about the girl's home life. >> getting back on time. runway 28 reopens after the crash. see what it took to fix it. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> kevin and elizabeth have the night off. two women are dead after a man opened fire this afternoon inside the jewelry mart in san francisco. police say the gunman covered in blood, then started shooting at them. the jewelry mart is in the city near the rei. linda yee was driving in the area and arrived on scene fast. linda. >> reporter: well juliette, when i got here just minutes after the shooting, i saw that all of the streets here were
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blocked off. it was somewhat chaotic. i saw s.w.a.t. officers stationed in alleys and streets on the chance there was a second suspect out there. gunman walked into a showroom that specialized in gold jewelry. and shot three people working there. other shop owners say the two women who worked at the jewelry shop were killed. the owner injured. he was taken to san francisco general with critical wounds. >> it was scary. we heard someone was shooting them. so, that's scary. >> when the first officers arrived, they saw a man covered in blood walking outside the jewelry mart. >> the officers went to engage the suspect, not knowing if he was a victim or a suspect. at that point in time, the suspect produced a weapon and fired upon the officers. >> police say the gunman ran into a nearby restaurant before officers could fire back. >> other officers came on
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scene. the suspect fired additional multiple rounds at the officers and then ran out. we believe ran out of ammunition. threw the gun on the ground and surrendered. >> suspect was taken to the hospital for what police described as superficial wounds on his hands. the jewelry mart and surrounding buildings were in lockdown. police feared a second suspect may have escaped. they ordered shop owners to lock themselves in. she hid in terror for an hour. >> the main floor, they ask us to stay inside the door. inside so they looked the showroom. so they told us to put the lights off and then that's it. >> by late afternoon, s.w.a.t. teams cleared the building, looked at store video and determined there was only one suspect. >> from talking to police, it appears this is not the first time that this suspect has been in the building.
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>> was it a robbery? >> we don't know what the motive is for this horrendous crime was. >> during the gunfire, police never had to fire their weapons. the chief said when the gunman escaped into that restaurant, it was crowded and the officers never had a clear shot. reporting live in san francisco, kpix5. >> the motive for the attack is unclear. police are waiting to talk to the injured store owner. the oakland father who says someone kidnapped his little girl from his car walked out of jail a few hours ago. that's after the d.a. said she would not be filing child endangerment charges. kristen ayers is outside the jail in dublin where she spoke with the father. kristen. >> reporter: anthony webb walked out a short time ago and immediately he broke down. he told us he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his 21 month old daughter, daphne webb. he believes she is alive and
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wishes he had never stopped at the store in east oakland where he has told police she was kidnapped. webb was in jail on child endangerment charges for leaving daphne in an unlocked car. he told oakland police, daphne was gone. he spent his time in jail riddled with guilt. >> my daughter is missing. and i have to live with that. even though i'm out of jail, i am still not free. that's how i feel. i can't really sleep. i haven't slept since i've been here. just worried about her. please. let me bring her, drop her off somewhere. leave a note or something. >> today police continue to search the home where webb and his daughter lived.
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people in the area where daphne disappeared have been passing out fliers. webb did confirm that daphne was placed in his care by child protective services. six months ago, that's because what he called a life threatening incident involving the child's mother. allen. >> kristen ayers, thank you very much. police are offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to baby daphne. if you live in southern county, boston marathon brandon has been missing from the area of monterey in gilroy. that is west of highway 101. he has autism. brendan was last seen wearing a native american head band and blue basketball shorts. if you see him, call gilroy police. nearly a week after the deadly crash. all runways are back in
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service. the airport reopened just after 5:00 this afternoon. kpix5 shows us things are slowly returning to normal inside the terminal as well. sharon. >> juliette, we are here at the domestic terminal. it's been like a zoo, long lines, frustrated passengers. tonight , it is getting back to normal. runway 28 left reopened just after 5:00 tonight. >> really, really happy. nobody wants to be trapped inside. >> the runway clothes delayed from new york by two hours on monday, but tonight, the lines are shorter. the cancellations much fewer and no more diversions to san jose and oakland that we've seen all week. >> my friend at work got rerouted to oakland. i was worried i would have to be changed to oakland. >> you know that fourth runway opened at 4:00 tonight.
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>> that's wonderful to hear. >> on a tour, asked if it was airport directors, so the challenges of cleaning the debris. the cleanup went faster than planned. more than 100 people work around the club for the last 24 hours. >> we started doing the grinding work on the runway. the moment they say, we're ready to go and removing the contract, the contract with a big rains and cranes right at the begin work. >> sfo says it will bill louisiana airlines for the cost of repairing the runway. juliette. >> sharon chin, live at sfo. thank you for the update. a third victim, a girl from china has died from the injuries that she suffered in the crash. she had been in intensive care since saturday. hospitals were not disclosing
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her name or age. >> one of the teenagers may have been killed by an emergency vehicle. san francisco police chief confirms that he was run over, but unclear whether that's how she died. >> we know she was one over one time, but nobody could have seen her and the question is, whether or not she was still alive at the time. so the coroner will beer determining that. >> juan was covered in that white foam that the crews sprayed on the flame. the fire department is conducting an internal investigation. hundreds of people survived thanks to the flight attendants and emergency responders. hear their stories in an encore presentation of our special, the heros of flight 214. that is this sunday, 7:30 a.m. on our sister station, kpix5.
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tonight, prop 8 supporters want the state supreme court to immediately stop same-sex marriages. they follow the lawsuit acoughsing all 58 county clerks of breaking the law. they claim prop 8 is still in effect. >> the only thing standing in the way of proposition 8 right now is not that people changed their mind, not that the courts declared it unconstitutional, but government officials are refusing to enforce it. >> u.s. supreme court refused to hear the prop 8 case earlier this month on the ground the bailiff lacked standing. attorney general says the condition is baseless and urging the court to deny the request. >> jury deliberations continue. how the small town is preparing for a verdict. the major real she is helping to play in california's
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higher education system. >> and temperatures will be climbing higher as well. not exactly that the heat is on, but we'll simmer a bit. we'll have the forecast coming up after we generate a little revenue. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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deliberating tonight. they spent almost 4 hours reviewing the case before ag for jurors were taking a rest from deliberating tonight. they spent almost four hours deliberating before asking for that break. the jurors asked for all the evidence. if they find zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder, he faces life in prison. worked hard to bring trayvon martin's case to court and how they are preparing for the verdict. >> many of the protests that brought the case to the nation's attention were organized at allen chapel and miami church in stainford, florida. >> we marched, we prayed, we rallied. we received the trial. >> valerie has been in the
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courtroom since the beginning. >> if the forget verdict comes back not guilty, what happens then? >> will we be happy about it? no. will justice have been served? through the system, yes. but through what happened to the innocent, 17-year-old young man, no. >> a difference of opinion on that question whether zimmerman should be found guilty of not guilty divides many in this community. the sheriff had a message today. >> we will not tolerate anyone who uses this verdict as an excuse to violate the law. >> sanford's newly appointed police chief sent officers door to door to gauge the public's temperature. and he plans to show a force once the trial ends.
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>> my direct to the officers, once we get into a position where we know when the verdict is going to come down, you will be here working somewhere on the street providing service in the community. >> with the case now in the jury's hands, those calls for calm go out to people on both sides of this issue, and police report knows no knowledge of planned protests once the verdict is reached. michelle miller, cbs news, sanford, florida. >> the man who exposed his secrets were held up after leaking details. he appeared at a meeting with russian officials and human rights activists. he wants temporary asylum until he can fly to a latin american country that can give them
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asylum. >> i didn't guarantee my safety. i announced today my formal acceptance of all offers of support or asylum. >> u.s. officials revoked snowden. >> homeland security secretary, has her eyes on a new high profile passion. she is living homeland security. hoping to become president of the uc system. len ramirez tells us why she might be the perfect person for the job. >> before becoming the head after the security, janet was a student at santa clara university. >> she was top 1% of all the students i've had since then. >> and she made a screen this 1979, but at the aim time she was very popular and they elected her the first female
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valedictorian. >> in this 145 year history. >> outside the box choice. you get someone with a fresh perspective. but a remarkable capacity to work within governing institutions. not only the federal level, but understands state government. >> her experience dealing with complications issues with help. >> she has been dealing pretty well with the difficult issues in war. around the immigration issue and homeland security and it can't get anymore more complicated than that. although i'm not sure she may be jumping from the frying pan. >> budget does include a plan to change it for the next five years. >> funding picture is getting better, but she will face a
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situation in california. >> have the diversity of california represent offend the campus. >> her salary is being set, but her predecessor was making $600,000 a year. if she's in that range, it won quite a bump. reporting in santa clara, kpix5. all right, brian is here. did you say it is 70 degrees in concord? did i hear that right? >> i did. >> you would know. i was listening to you closely and listen to this. it is warm out there in the east bay. you're from that part of the bay area. it is only 58 at the moment. sfo66. and santa rosa is at 57
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degrees. this weekend, it will be warm. how about the california state fair? sacramento is going to hit 94 degrees tomorrow. so dress cool. the america's cup is this weekend. and afternoon sunshine, that sums it up. cloudy mornings. and the numbers are going to increase a little bit weekend as the desert will be muggy. the pressures rise over the bay area, then we'll look for the temperatures to go up a couple careers. and yes, oakland 73 degrees. a bit l above average. just about where it should be for this time in july. begin that on the east bay. only 63 at half-moon bay. but you just come over the top
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into sunny vail and hit 82. east bay is 91. and 90 degrees at livermore. and 84 degrees at vallejo. want to head up to the wine country, sonoma. home of the california bear flag. revolt back in the 90s. it heats right up. 76 for windsor. look ahead, it's a little bit warmer for the weekend and just in time to go back to work on monday. it will cool down. fog and low clouds along the shoreline and stratus for this time of year and that's whoo it. >> what movie goers are saying about it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. quick update from south santa clara county. the 10-year-old boy that was missing. he has been missing since 5:30. we're told he has been found and he is safe. all right. well moving on tonight. long lines wrapped around bay area theaters for the opening of the movie, fruit vail station. >> mote see about oscar grant is being shown on the limited number of big screens nationwide. we caught up with the movie goers in oakland and berkeley after they saw it. >> it was a great movie. it was a very inspiring movie. very influential. >> in what way? >> yeah.
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makes me think of trayvon martin. >> many people at this year's sun dance film fest value festival gave the movie a thumb's up. >> it's about ready for traffic. crews painting the eastern span after that. after this, about all they have to do is the lane striping. >> i would say this is a milestone because again, this is one of them. this is what people will be driving on. >> it takes ten days. the eastbound is already done. >> giants looking for back to back wins for the first time since mid june. first place showdown coming
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as an injury replacement.. t r next giants closer, sergio romo is going to the all-star game as an injury replacement. the tally is four giants for next tuesday's classic in new york. let's start the clock. red sox in town. did you know dustin pee drink is from wood side? did you see jet lowry tie the game in the 6th? we are talking about a packed house tonight. the home boy, he caught one. take the best in the west. final of 4-2. meantime, down
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south. like a home game for the giants. yeah, in san diego, bases juiced for a man with a top selling jersey. buster posey. extanneding the giants league. two runs get me to score. right now in the 7th, the giants lead this one. i call that pretty much over. and, in basketball, montae ellis opted out of his contract. he is back in the western conference with the dallas mavericks. the 27-year-old deal, three years, $30 million. >> that's a cool deal. >> tough life. >> oh man. all right. thank you. thanks so much for watching. that does it for us here at 10:00. >> news always on and we're back at 11:00 over on kpix5. >> we'll see you then. have a good night.
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(michael) we are going to be standing here every monday for the next seven mondays. this summer, corporate is sponsoring a little weight loss contest. you lost 31 pounds. hey! fax this for me. come on, man. she goes to new york in, like, ten minutes. (pam) tomorrow i start a three-month design program at the pratt institute in new york. why haven't i proposed yet? we just decided that, um, we didn't want to spend the first three months of our engagement apart. uh.

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